We want to make this as clear and as easy as possible for you. 

Learn here how best to style your Wiggy Kit. Watch these videos below to get a close up look of the collection, how it fits and Wiggy's expert styling tips. We are on hand to guide you through the collection and bring it to life. We want to provide you with all the necessary information you might need to help you choose the perfect pieces for you and your lifestyle.


The Apron Dresses

 Shop the Red Apron Dress and the White Apron Dress


Maxi Pierrot Dress

Shop the Maxi Pierrot Dress 

The Bay Dress

Shop the Bay Dress

 The Cutter Dress

Shop the Cutter Dress 

The Paperwhite Cami and Peasant Skirt


The Tie Top Bib Dress


The Keeper Dresses

Shop the Silk Keeper Dress

Shop the Linen Keeper Dress

The Indo Skirt and Paperwhite Cami Top Set

Shop the Navy Paperwhite Cami and the Navy Indo Skirt 

Shop the White Paperwhite Cami and the Bleach Splatter Indo Skirt

The Lake Dress 

Shop the Lake Dress

The Cape Dress

Shop the Cape Dress 

The Ives Dress

Shop the Ives Dress

The Privet and Maxi Privet Dresses

Shop the Maxi Privet 

Shop the Privet Dress

The Edgar Dress

Shop the Edgar Dress

The Drawstring and Maxi Drawstring Dresses

Shop the Maxi Drawstring

Shop the Drawstring Dress

The Drew Jumpsuit

Shop the Drew Jumpsuit

The Martha Dress

Shop the Martha Dress

The Market Dress

Shop the Market Dress