In Conversation with Serena Hood - Co-Founder of Collagerie

Above: Serena is wearing the Marais Dress

 You launched your beautiful website Collagerie together with Lucinda Chambers (another ex-British Vogue colleague of yours) – tell us a little bit about what makes Collagerie different from other luxury fashion and lifestyle online retail platforms out there?

It all started over a coffee with Lucinda Chambers (fellow ex Vogue alum and former Fashion Director). We were chatting about how we shop and thought how brilliant it would be to create a website that curated stylish finds across fashion, interiors and beauty at all price points. That was our light bulb moment!

Your credo behind Collagerie is “one thing over everything” - expand on that philosophy...

At the heart of Collagerie is “curation”, handpicking the very best product and sharing what we love with our community. Our tagline reflects this exactly.

Since having children, how has your wardrobe evolved?

Nothing too long first of all, as otherwise I’m constantly tripping over! All of my jeans/trousers are cropped at the ankle and when it comes to dresses during the day, a midi length is key. Any high heels are saved for evenings out once my children are in bed!

Everyone loves a pair of boots - what are your three favourite go-to brands for autumn/winter footwear?

I have a pair of Chanel black suede and satin kitten heel pumps. I get them refurbished after winter so they are ready for the next. I would pair these with your Writers Skirt and a black poloneck.
I currently have my eye on a pair of knee high Paris Texas winter white boots. These would go perfectly with Wiggy’s beautiful A/W21 Margaux dress.

Above left: Writer's Skirt   Above Right: Margaux Dress

Your Instagram feed is a beautiful mix of fashion and lifestyle imagery - you feature a lot of inspirational interiors - what interior designers do you follow and who would be your dream designer?

I am equally as passionate about interiors as I am about fashion. I think Beata Heuman is incredibly talented and has such a unique spin on everything she does. I’m also a huge fan of Flora Soames and Veere Grenney, both have their own distinct vision and are simply beautiful.

Any of them would be a total dream!

From left to right interiors by: Beata Heuman, Flora Soames and Veere Grenney

What do you miss from your days working at British Vogue?

I was very lucky to work with such a brilliant team at British Vogue, and did miss that “team feeling” in the early days of start-up life when it was just Lucinda Chambers (former Fashion Director of Vogue) and myself. Luckily though, I’ve never had to go it alone, having such a brilliant business partner by my side. Excitedly, Collagerie turns 2 this November and we are now a team of 10, and growing! Our team is everything and we couldn’t do what we do without them.

What is currently on your nightstand?

A picture of my children
My everyday jewellery in a small tray
My Kindle – I’m currently reading “That Will Never Work” by Marc Randolph, founder of Netflix Taylor Morris blue light glasses

What book will you be reading this holiday season?

The Founder’s Mentality, recommended by Flowerbx’s Whitney Bromberg Hawkings.


Are you more or a ’summer dresser’ or a ‘winter dresser’?

I’m Leo and a true summer baby, so definitely a summer dresser.

Mini, midi or maxi?

Midi by day, mini by night.


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