In Conversation with - Nathalie from NRG Barrebody

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Nathalie Errandonea - Mewes is a former dancer. She trained at the conservatoire in France and later founded NRG Barrebody, a growing Barre community in North London. Barre is a popular hybrid class workout that combines ballet-inspired moves with elements of pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. We here at Wiggy Kit have become great fans of her online classes.  


1. In a nutshell: tell me what NRG barrebody is and what one can expect from your classes and is there any special equipment you utilise in your classes?
NRG Barrebody is a Barre community both online and in-person. It’s a place where women come to gain strength and energy while having fun. I also encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and it’s always a good thing and it’s what makes us all grow!
NRG Barrebody classes require some equipments and some don’t. I always give an option to replace props with objects you may have at home, for example little tins of food to replace hand weights…I am trying to be as inclusive as possible. 
We offer a variety of classes from Signature Barre, to Barre Floor, Cardio Blast, Booty, Core, Upper Body Blasts, Dance Cardio and Garuda too. There is something for everyone at NRG Barrebody.

2. You were a dancer in your former life tell me a little bit about your background?
I started Ballet at 3 and became passionate very quickly. I entered the Conservatoire Rosella Hightower at 8 years old, learned and practise there until my early twenties. Sadly I had some health issues that required for me to slow down the intense training I was putting my body through. Fast forward 10 years after a business school,  a Master in Communication, a small career in MKT and 2 children, I started moving again with Pilates and then Barre. I fell in love with Barre as it reminded me of ballet and eventually created NRG Barrebody nearly 6 years ago.

3. Being an ex dancer: how does this make your barre classes different to the ones one usually sees in a gym type setting being taught by personal trainers?
NRG Barrebody offers a wide variety of classes that are all rooted in Classical Ballet basics. NRG Barrebody is my classical take on Barre Fitness. NRG Barrebody classes are not only about getting fit, its’a about being as strong as a ballet dancer. Although you don’t need any Ballet background to take the classes, you will get strong, more flexible and improve your cardio and posture.
I believe that strength, energy and posture can come from one unique class, my Barre classes bring that to the table.

4. How many hours a week should we set aside for your classes to notice a difference?
2-3 Barre classes will give you results within 4-6 weeks. 
I recommend to do between 2 x 30min targeted workouts or blasts and 1 x 45min class per week on-demand on 'NRG at home’ if you can’t make a live class or attend the studio. 
I have created the NRG Barrebody platform to accommodate my community and provide the best of Barre classes remotely to everyone from the comfort of their homes. Easy to fit into any schedule, removing guilt and stress out of the equation, it’s about making fitness accessible and affordable to all, giving unlimited access from anywhere at anytime.

5. What would you say are the top five exercises in your barre class repertoire that pack the biggest punch and make the most difference?
1.Plie Second Position with heel Llfts x 20 times each side
2.Extension Arabesque with standing leg bent x 20 times each side
3.Side Leg Lift for balance and standing leg strengthening x 20 times each side
4.Glutes Presses on all 4s x 20 times each side
5.Plank & Leg Lift x 10 times each side
6. How important is diet as well as exercise? Is one more important? Or does it very much depend on the person?
That’s a loaded question. I believe that eating healthy and exercising go hand in hand yes. Usually when you start one, the other one follows pretty quickly after.
When it comes to nutrition, I believe eating a varied diet is key. Eat the rainbow each day if you can. Not too many carbs in the evening if you can. Treat yourself one day per week if you feel that you need it. Drink plenty of water. Take supplements. And of course move your body daily. In terms of nutrition and body types, everyone is different. One person can get away with being unhealthy for years and stay slim and once the metabolism slows down they start putting on weight. 
On the opposite, some people can never really eat what they want without putting on weight during their entire life. 
When clients come into my studio and tell me they want to lose weight, I tell them to go see a nutritionist, which I am not. But what I can do for my clients, is to give them the will to move, gain strength, gain energy, gain motivation, gain love for themselves, creating serotonin and endorphin making them happier and giving them the will to change their lifestyle and eat better too. It’s all part of the same chain of actions I believe. If you start loving yourself you will want the best for yourself and that means making your body strong and eating food that is good for you.

7. What brands of exercise clothing do you most lust after?
I wear a lot of Ernest Leoty, I love their collections. I also love Oysho

8. I know you are very much a devotee of Wiggy kit – what is your favourite piece from this seasons collection, where will you be wearing it and how will you be styling it?
The Apron Dress!  I would definitely style it for a day out in the South of France with a pair of leather flat sandals from Les Tropeziennes,  my vintage khaki military jacket, and my Sezane June bag. 

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