In Conversation with Georgina Cohen

Georgina Cohen is a Director of the Gagosian in London as well as contributing editor at Porter Magazine, Baby London and Maybourne Magazine. She is also Editor-at-Large at FAD Magazine and cultural director at Phillip Lim. Georgina invited us to look around the Damien Hirst 'Natural History' exhibition at the Britannia Street Gagosian. 


From Left to Right:  Gaucho SkirtLantern DressSweater Set styled with the Cordy Skirt (2 colour) and Cordy Skirt (Print)


"I think creativity means so many things to so many people but I would say being original, authentic, innovative, thinking outside of the box"


"I was always exposed to art through my parents, who are big collectors, but also fashion, because my mother is in the fashion business. So I had the perfect marriage between art and fashion and could be inspired on a daily basis by what people are creating "

"Wiggy really understands a woman's body. I think wearing Wiggy makes you feel like a true woman and special. "

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