Comporta, Portugal - Europe's answer to the Hamptons

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Comporta sits on the Peninsula of Trioa on the west coast of Portugal about an hour and a half drive south from the airport in Lisbon. Once you have crossed the epically splendid Vasco Da Gama Bridge (the longest bridge in Europe at 13km) that connects Lisbon to Southern Portugal, you will soon happen upon the dusty and sun dappled pine forests and cork tree farms along the side of the rural roads as you make you way towards the coast. The colours of the region are a beautiful contrast of lush greens and sepia tones.  A place where rice paddy fields, meet sand dunes, vineyards, dusty pine woods and eventually the wide and open stretches unspoilt coast. There is more than a hint of Argentina or Uruaguay to the wild spaces and a feeling that this region is horse country. Despite its raw nature, it is not without its sophistication - in fact, far from it.  The area boasts spectacular properties that sit seamlessly and in concert with their beautiful surroundings, celebrating the landscape, drawing inspiration from the colours and natural elements all around. In fact some of the traditional homes are often set within sandy oasis’s with sun bleached decked walkways winding through the gardens. White washed wattle buildings with rush roofs that are synonymous with the region and provide true escapism from the ordinary villa rentals you might usually encounter. Nothing is gaudy or try-hard here. There is a bohemian earthiness and a sense of such understated chicness that is hard to come by.  A natural escape for this wealthy and sophisticated families of Lisbon head to to get away from it all.

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You can experience this beautiful aesthetic whilst languishing in the rustically elegant Quinta da Comporta overlooking the wide expansive rice paddies or the forest bathed idyl that is the aptly names Sublime Comporta  . Whilst Quinta da Comporta has opted to showcase the peaceful white and natural rush aesthetic that is so identifiably of the region, with organic and natural accents throughout, Sublime has opted for a more of a minimalistic and Scandinavian inspired styling whilst it immerses itself in the peace and quiet of the pine shaded environs drawing very much from the beauty of the outdoors. Sublime Comporta also boasts a beach club nearby which offers some of the freshest seafood on the spectacular windswept beach of Praia do Carvalhal.


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The only drawback, if you can view it that way is the water temperature of the beautiful expanse of ocean that stretches for miles. You can surf the waves with one of the knowledgable and patient instructors at Surf Comporta who provide the wetsuits and then head to lunch at one of the beach “shacks” enjoying the cool laid back vibes of Sublime Beach or Sal Restaurant on Praia de Pego  . Dine at Cavalarica in one of the horse stalls of a converted white- washed stable in Comporta Village. 


And speaking of all things equine: experience the serenity and beauty of the rice paddies and sand dunes on horseback at the equestrian centre Cavalos na Areia. This award winning stables sit on the edge of the rice paddies and offers novices and experienced horse rider an opportunity to appreciate the beauty this uniques landscape. Offers This is a spectacular,  if not exhilarating way feel fully immersed in nature.


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Pop in to the smattering of sweet little boutiques in the village of Comporta - you are sure to find Cote Sud  for chic resort wear, Lavanda for high end bohemian clothing and home wares as well as Casa da Comporta for similarly niche brands and Comporta inspired home decor. There is an indoor market selling locally made pottery, woven baskets, clothing and accessories next to the luxury deli Gomes where you can find all of life’s little essential edible luxuries to nibble on.


I think what I enjoyed most about our time in Comporta was essentially how the place made me feel.  This is a place where the pace of life is languid and unhurried, where simplicity is luxury and elegance and sophistication is whispered and never shouted.  Where nature is appreciated, respected and integrated.

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